From Rick O’Dell, MeTV Radio 87.7

Time for a quick artist quiz.  No Googling unless you absolutely have to.  Who’s the smooth jazz artist who can boast of having these credentials?

He holds a Masters’ degree in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Miami University.  A clue:  He made Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Most Added list this week.  

My late mom would have loved him.  She always preached this message to her two sons: “Don’t make a career out of your passion.  Get a secure job and make the passion your hobby.”  (I didn’t quite follow her advice on that.) 

More clues.  He’s a Chicago native who came along two years too late to catch any spins on WNUA.  But he helped put WNUA’s successor, 87.7 WLFM (“Chicago’s Smooth Jazz”) on the map from 2009 to 2012 and played live at several of our Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunches.  He’s Scott Allman, and he’s one of our adds this week.  Great to have you back on the charts, Scott!

From Ronald Jackson, Smooth Jazz Ride

Once again, the gates to our contemporary jazz community are opened to a new and exciting artist, keyboardist Scott Allman…