…This album (NEXT STOP HOME) is a pleasant bounce down the avenue of contemporary jazz. Leading off with a confident stride on “Different Sun” featuring (Darren) Rahn delivering smooth sax, Allman steps through this project with fluid keys chops and catchy rhythms. Following that lead track is a very becoming, rich up-tempo tune called “Traveler” featuring the electric riffs and handiwork of guitarist John Kregor. The track may well be my favorite. Another tune of note, “Road to Chongqing,” is a piece that saunters along with an enchanting melody. These are only three tracks from an album loaded with catchy tunes. An excellent follow-up to Allman’s Generations, Next Stop should easily keep the keyboardist’s fans and new listeners alike in the groove. Watch for one or more of these gems to make the charts in a big way.

-Ronald Jackson,

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…”Mag Mile” (from “Generations”) makes nice use of the ensemble cast and has Scott Allman performing in what might be considered somewhat of a throwback mode to the early days of Bob James or Ramsey Lewis but still has Allman expressing his own unique voice.

-Brent Black,

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…”Scott has a flair for melodic contemporary jazz and the first single from the album demonstrates this to perfection…
-Denis Poole,

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