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“Once again, the gates to our contemporary/smooth jazz community are opened to a new and exciting artist, keyboardist Scott Allman, who has released his sparkling debut album, Generations, as proof positive of his qualifications to be among our promising up-and-coming artists who truly come bearing gifts.

With saxman Darren Rahn lending his skills throughout the project, there is plenty of moving and shaking and swagger going on which blends well with all of the groove-filled hooks and melodies.

Not only does Allman demonstrate playing skill but, having written and produced all of the material, he shows a clear grasp of the mechanics of the contemporary jazz vibe, and he knows and obviously feels what’s at the very core of good, solid music. It’s easy to hear that, to feel that, and to be there with him on that.  Tracks like the tight and funky “Flurry,” the joyfully up-tempo “Camille’s Joy,” the melodically catchy mid-tempo “Mag Mile,” and the pumped up mover “Thin Ice” with Darren Rahn’s punctuating sax chilled-out “Home Again” all testify to that…and there’s more where those come from.

The fabric of this debut, made up of a little soft rock, a little pop, a little world, and a lot of smooth, makes for a fine listening experience. The fact that these are ten original tracks is the icing on the cake.

I understand that, even as I write this, Allman is working on his next project. If he is anywhere in the ballpark of this current project, he should be able to continue on his quest to find his way into the hearts and souls of the many jazzers who embrace the efforts of artists who actually do care about their work.” – Ronald Jackson